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Extensive research has been demonstrated which has led experts to agree that audio books actually help improve a childs reading. One of the major advantages is that listening to stories improves a childs listening skills. Furthermore, evidence suggests that listening to audio books significantly improves childrens concentration and thereby they become better listeners and learners. It therefore follows, that childrens conversational skills are enhanced, thus allowing them to express themselves.

All the stories have been taken from eminent authors of their time from the late 18th century/ early 19th century (The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen to name two). Listening to these stories will provide the listener looking through their ˜minds eye, to get an insight and glimpse as to how life was well over 100 years ago. These stories will not only give children pleasure, but the stories also lay the foundation for broader literary  studies.

Who Is Aunty B?

Aunty B is a time traveller.
She can take you back in time to any era
Aunty B can become any era.
She can travel to any period in time and become any character

She is a fun narrator.
Aunty B will entertain & educate you in a humorous manner
She acts out characters in the stories.

She is a master of time travel, because:
Aunty B is from London
Aunty B is also from Kingston
Aunty B is also from Nigeria

To send me to Africa press the button
To send me to Europe tap the play symbol
To send me to the West Indies click the tab

After all, we live in a global world!


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