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21st May
Navy Day Chile
27th May
Children's Day Nigeria
26th May
Do Not
21st May
Hey kids, why not send your drawn pictures and your recorded audios to

We will publish it every week. Please put your name, your age and the country you live in.

Would you like to wish a relative happy birthday?

Kids, this month's task is to draw your favourite animal(s).

Send them into, and we will publish them.

Thanks kids.

21st May
Mia's message

Mia is 7 years old. She lives in the UK.

Would you like to feature in the 'kiddies corner'?

Send in your audios and drawn pictures to

21st May
Aaron's thoughts

Aaron is a 10 year old lad who lives in England. Thanks Aaron.

Why not send your audios like Aaron did to, and we will feature it in the 'Kiddies Corner'.

21st May
Zach's Drawing
21st May
Malachi's Drawing
21st May
Olufemi's Drawing
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