How Audio Stories Enhance Your Children's Learning

Research has shown a number of advantages to listening to audio stories. These include:

i)  Learning the proper pronunciation of words.
ii) Learning to ˜paint/picture a story by using imagination as opposed to illustrations.
iii)Spending quality time as a family.
iv)Improves listening, concentration and comprehensive skills.
v) Increases ones vocabulary.

Reference taken from


Audio Stories For Children Aged 5 to 10 years


Aunty B's enchanting, fun and educational stories are designed to help parents and carers engage their children in the joy of story telling. They will occupy kids for many productive hours. Stories are read in a light-hearted manner with a choice of African, British or Caribbean accents.

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Parents and carers, why not give yourself a break and the kids a treat - kick off your shoes, gather the young one(s) together, sit back, relax and press PLAY.


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