Why Stories Are Us?

It  goes without say that in this day and age that we are living in, it can be somewhat ˜hectic to say the very least. More and more and more demands are being made on our time. There just doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day, days in the week, or even weeks in the month  for us to fit in everything that we need to do. Pressure, demands, deadlines...."e;s never ending!

Why choose Stories Are Us? We as a society have been saturated in the media and entertainment industries with  iPods, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the list goes on and on and on...........family values? Sitting down for dinner? Communicating with one another verbally as opposed through emails, texts, IM?

Stories Are Us is a welcome outlet which affords parents the opportunity to sit down, lie down or simply just cuddle up together with their loved ones at the end of a possibly hectic day and de-stress from the days activities. With so many stories to choose from in either an African accent, a British accent or a Caribbean accent, why not give yourself a break............. kick off your shoes, gather the young one(s) together, sit back, relax and press PLAY.  

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